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Aug 6, 2013 11:00pm EDT
of getting federal dollars? our viewers know that washington is talking about sequestration, spending cuts, annual spending bills are not getting done. how do you get the money? >> the next to jump in you have on will definitely have an answer for that. >> what do you think? >> it is steadily at the left, a difficult thing to come by these days, federal dollars. thankfully we had the foresight -- and when i say we i don't include myself. leaders before us. the foresight to see the need to build to 50 feet and to authorize 505 feet. they get that accomplished in early 2000. so we are well ahead of the curve. the good thing about it is it is cheaper to dredge year in virginia and then it is virtually anywhere else on the east coast. we have this beautiful area right behind you. a great outlet for the port. very inexpensive for us to build. >> you know, we have soft bottom out here. we are really just picking of sand and relocating it. other ports, new york, for example, it is bad rock. dynamite, explode. move it off. it might be a difference of $40 per cubic square foot to 400. the advantage
Aug 7, 2013 11:00pm EDT
going on. having had much response from washington? what efforts are in the works for policy change? you are sending out an agenda. are they just ignore knew his usual? >> i think people understand that the private sector moves faster than the public sector. so we are seeing women start circles all over. a lot of people are asking for raises. i want you all to have raises. on the corporate sector, men like john tamers, he assigned the book is top 200 people and said that i thought it was that it does, we are not so good at this. we are going to get better. stood on a stage and he said the only way to be the best company is to have the best individuals. women are 50% of the population. warren buffett talk all about women this year. i want men and women to invest in women not to be nice but because it is their bottom line. >> we face a global competitiveness with asia and asia continues to discriminate against women. it is pretty clear that you need everyone working together. so this argument favors your arguments for women. >> economic growth, a good% of it has been in the workforce. we h
Aug 2, 2013 11:00pm EDT
there was an article "the washington post" calling attention to this. you know, sadly better care at lower cost doesn't have a constituency. medications, medical devices, hospital beds have constituencies. that are care doesn't have constituency. so we're in a block buster video moment in health care system. we have too many hospital beds in america. we have a bubble in hospital technology, we have to help the industry make a shift. there had to have ban moment in block buster video when a executive said people starting to rent video online. you can imagine the leadership saying no, no, we have internal datahwing thatthican public every friday night spends 1 hour and 15 minutes in our store. you remember that? the story of america is that capitalism creates and destroys and that industries become obsolete. hospital beds are becoming obsolete. we don't need all the hospital beds we have. we have, you know, many of you are using your bonding authority to support and back up those underwrite the bonds. you are doing ribbon cutting for the facilities. every single crane that goes up. every ribbon cutting
Aug 5, 2013 11:00pm EDT
-american history he has authored numerous books as well as washington watch a weekly column on u.s. politics published in 14 arab and south asian countries. from 1993 until 2011, he hosted the award-winning viewpoints with james zogby, a live call-in tv program aired in abu dhabi. he has received numerous awards distinctions and honorary doctorates in the u.s. and arab countries including one from his own alma mater. his most recent e-book is called looking at iran -- "looking at iran" so ladies and gentlemen please join me in getting a warm welcome to our speaker, dr. james zogby. [applause] >> thank you very much. i was going to begin by mentioning something about my brother but i will begin actually with a bit of clarification about the biography. john is -- in american politics and one of the best. it is he who established the brand's zogby here and has done presidential polling that has made the brand is recognized as it is. i had the great opportunity beginning in 2001 to take the polling to the middle east and in the last couple of years we started zogby research services to focus jus
Aug 1, 2013 11:00pm EDT
been a sad 48 hours for the american people. this shows exactly why washington is not working with the unemployment rate not improving public safety on highways or bridges and also with the housing for the disabled. today with the united states senate the other party was not going to vote for allowing it to is rotation housing bill to move forward. what does that mean in plain english? the city will not go for it because we don't agree with the overall budget appropriation which they voted for this spring in the overwhelming votes. they say they want a new topline but then in the budget committee the top line comes to the budget committee. the subcommittee by subcommittee. but then with the budget committee to get the topline. as the chairman of the appropriations committee i willing to go onto a compromise but i want to do in the regular way. i marked that my allocation of what the senate agreed to in the overwhelming vote this spring. where does that leave us? it says senator mikulski the matter how hard you work obol sides of the aisle we will not approve the appropriations
Jul 31, 2013 11:00pm EDT
some of our problems at home? we had a bridge collapsed this year in washington state. we had one collapse in minnesota a few years ago. a bridge in northern kentucky is being increasingly unsafe and yet there is not enough money to repair our bridges because your politicians are sending the money overseas. it is unwise. right now it is illegal. countries like egypt are getting billions of dollars in aid. meanwhile, they recently met -- led a mob advance on our industry, climb atop an embassy in berne our flag. i say not 1 penny more to these countries that allow mobs to burn our flag. in between cashing our checks egypt finds time to convict 16 americans on trumped up political charges. fortunately the americans were able to escape. they left the country. sixteen americans in prison by egypt. luckily these americans are able to get of the country. now, how did these establishment politicians respond? how will the other side respond? what will they say about detroit? will they say about chicago? will will they say about the bridges in northern kentucky that won't be built because
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6